Friday, November 20, 2009

Why is Bolen so desperate?

Patrick Timothy Bolen's recent attempts to defame and libel people are a certain sign that he is at the end of his rope. Timbo's desperate situation since the death of Hulda Clark in September is mirrored in his recent newsletter posts. 

His insane rants can only hurt his cause. Over and over again his favorite quacks have had their licenses to practice revoked or restricted. Some of them have been charged numerous times for fraud, and at least one of them has died. 

Bolen doesn't have any sense of decency and he hasn't had any for decades. Just take a look at his former campaigns to see how he' s made a name for himself over the years. We don't understand why some people in the news just don't care that he uses their names.  Maybe he feels that if he starts posting with the names of the current quack who has a book launch, or who claims to have found the cure for some awful disease would gain him friends.

Bolen and his entourage of quack supporters are the last people in the world to go to for the facts. The facts are that people like Bolen will always be around. They contribute nothing to scientific research. Their only role is to pave the way for further disasters brought on by people like Hulda Clark, Kurt Donsbach, Bill O'Neill, and all the rest. 

Tim Bolen is not a disaster waiting to happen, he's a disaster period!