Friday, November 6, 2009

Cyberstalking and lies by Tim Bolen

The War Room - Our side

On or about May 2, 2007 Tim Bolen issued one of his monstrous attacks about myself and others in his Bolen Report. His tactic is to destroy me professionally and personally, and that has been his goal ever since he was hired by cancer quack Hulda Clark many years ago.

He has again threatened me with severe bodily harm. Bolen, as stupid as he is, took aim with both barrels, and has not obviously considered that his threatened actions may lead to his arrest or detention by California authorities.

Mr. Bolen will continue his bloody lies until one day he will face the legal consequences. Mr. Bolen pretends that he was never involved in any conspiracy to defame me. Unfortunately, this has never been proven in any court because Bolen has never taken an oath in front of a judge in this matter. But his depositions in our case and in others along the way are so full of holes that one can only imagine what goes on inside his head.

In depositions in the infamous Aetna case Bolen had a unique knack of forgetting: