Friday, November 20, 2009

Why is Bolen so desperate?

Patrick Timothy Bolen's recent attempts to defame and libel people are a certain sign that he is at the end of his rope. Timbo's desperate situation since the death of Hulda Clark in September is mirrored in his recent newsletter posts. 

His insane rants can only hurt his cause. Over and over again his favorite quacks have had their licenses to practice revoked or restricted. Some of them have been charged numerous times for fraud, and at least one of them has died. 

Bolen doesn't have any sense of decency and he hasn't had any for decades. Just take a look at his former campaigns to see how he' s made a name for himself over the years. We don't understand why some people in the news just don't care that he uses their names.  Maybe he feels that if he starts posting with the names of the current quack who has a book launch, or who claims to have found the cure for some awful disease would gain him friends.

Bolen and his entourage of quack supporters are the last people in the world to go to for the facts. The facts are that people like Bolen will always be around. They contribute nothing to scientific research. Their only role is to pave the way for further disasters brought on by people like Hulda Clark, Kurt Donsbach, Bill O'Neill, and all the rest. 

Tim Bolen is not a disaster waiting to happen, he's a disaster period!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What makes Timmie Tick?

Over the last decade or so, Tim Bolen has demonstrated to the world that he has the knack to offend, overstate his qualifications, forget where he lives or went to school during depositions, and yet he continues his vile defamation and libel against some of the most leading advocates of evidence-based medicine.

Timmie has obviously not learned from his experiences and he probably will continue his war against those of us who have fallen victim to his attacks. This blog will highlight some of his most outstanding failures.

If you have something to contribute to the blog, just contact me with your personal stories.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Response to Tim Bolen - Dr. Stephen Barrett

Dr. Barrett's updated report - September 2009

When false ideas are attacked, their promoters often spread lies about the critics. That's happened to Dr. Barrett of and several others who justifiably criticized Hulda Clark, PhD, ND, an unlicensed naturopath who claimed she could cure cancer, AIDS, and many other serious diseases, sometimes within a few hours. Clark died of complications of multiple myeloma (a form of cancer) in September 2009. 

Since 1999, "Tim Bolen" (real name Patrick Timothy Bolen)—who said Hulda Clark hired him as her "publicist"—has been distributing false, misleading, and defamatory messages about antiquackery activists through the Internet. Many of these messages have been redistributed by Clark's network and others who welcome what they perceive as convenient opportunities to attack our reputations.

Dr. Barrett's efforts have exposed a number of serious problems with Bolen's credibility, including huge tax liens against Bolen, his support of numerous health practitioners who have had their right to practice revoked in several landmark decisions around the country. Bolen doesn't see anything wrong with his failures. he just ignores them.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nefarious cast of characters defended or supported by Tim Bolen

Over the years Bolen claims to have backed the trials and tribulations of many licensed and unlicensed health practitioners. Some of them were involved in promoting cancer quackery, dental scams, insurance fraud, and even sexual offenses.

Here is a short list of those who Bolen supported:
Bolen's other follies

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cyberstalking and lies by Tim Bolen

The War Room - Our side

On or about May 2, 2007 Tim Bolen issued one of his monstrous attacks about myself and others in his Bolen Report. His tactic is to destroy me professionally and personally, and that has been his goal ever since he was hired by cancer quack Hulda Clark many years ago.

He has again threatened me with severe bodily harm. Bolen, as stupid as he is, took aim with both barrels, and has not obviously considered that his threatened actions may lead to his arrest or detention by California authorities.

Mr. Bolen will continue his bloody lies until one day he will face the legal consequences. Mr. Bolen pretends that he was never involved in any conspiracy to defame me. Unfortunately, this has never been proven in any court because Bolen has never taken an oath in front of a judge in this matter. But his depositions in our case and in others along the way are so full of holes that one can only imagine what goes on inside his head.

In depositions in the infamous Aetna case Bolen had a unique knack of forgetting: