Monday, November 16, 2009

A Response to Tim Bolen - Dr. Stephen Barrett

Dr. Barrett's updated report - September 2009

When false ideas are attacked, their promoters often spread lies about the critics. That's happened to Dr. Barrett of and several others who justifiably criticized Hulda Clark, PhD, ND, an unlicensed naturopath who claimed she could cure cancer, AIDS, and many other serious diseases, sometimes within a few hours. Clark died of complications of multiple myeloma (a form of cancer) in September 2009. 

Since 1999, "Tim Bolen" (real name Patrick Timothy Bolen)—who said Hulda Clark hired him as her "publicist"—has been distributing false, misleading, and defamatory messages about antiquackery activists through the Internet. Many of these messages have been redistributed by Clark's network and others who welcome what they perceive as convenient opportunities to attack our reputations.

Dr. Barrett's efforts have exposed a number of serious problems with Bolen's credibility, including huge tax liens against Bolen, his support of numerous health practitioners who have had their right to practice revoked in several landmark decisions around the country. Bolen doesn't see anything wrong with his failures. he just ignores them.